About STP

The Stuck Together Podcast was originally thought up by Cara Hillstock one day while meditating. "Hey, start a podcast," her brain said, and she replied, "Why not?"

Thus friends Todd Schlickbernd, video editor for PeanutButterGamer and jack-of-all-trades, and Jimmy Whetzel, a talented YouTuber and Twitch streamer, were recruited and formed the Stuck Together Podcast - a podcast about friendship, life, and video games.

In 2016 Jimmy left the podcast, and it took on a new form with Cara and Todd as the main hosts - a more contemplative form, and the one you hear today!

STP wouldn't be possible without the support of our beloved Patrons on Patreon and the wonderful community that sprang up to support us.


About Cara


Cara is a writer, editor, and game developer. She's most known for being owner of Illus Seed and the director of Asagao Academy.

She streams story-based games as a hobby and lots of fans of the podcast join in the chat and have deep, chill discussions about life and characters. If you'd like to join, check her out!


About Todd


Todd Schlickbernd is a video editor for PeanutButterGamer and a producer for PBGGameplay's Hardcore series. He used to run his own channel, Rated S Games, which you'll hear referenced on the podcast. He originally lived in LA, but moved up to Seattle to work with the Peebs. And he's going places.


About Jimmy

Jimmy Whetzel is a YouTuber, streamer, and overall personality. He usually streams a few times a week with his chat full of precious cinnamon rolls (and Sinnamon roles). He lives in New York, and is an especially talented and funny host and entertainer. Though no longer on the podcast, he still entertains, so give him a look!